Is your focus lost or merely mislaid?

I’ve had several conversations with people this week about career focus, and I used to have a ready answer;   know what you want and work toward it.  Don’t be tempted by offers that will take you in the wrong career direction.

Now I wonder.  One acquaintance was offered a job in a direction he had sought to put behind him.  He knows what he wants, he is qualified for it, and he’s working toward it.  And then there’s this offer that came out of the blue.  What to do?

In a better time for jobs, we all know the answer:  stay focused, you can get what you want.

But this is not a better time.  I just hate watching someone take a detour unless it is necessary.

It is necessary.  The new opportunity is not awful.  He doesn’t hate it.  He will take the time to learn some new skills.  He will contribute his talents to the organization.  And he won’t give up on his dream field.

I salute him, and all of you who are doing what you need to do to survive.  In a year – or two or three – the job market will be more fluid and you will be in a stronger position to make a move back into the direction of your dreams.

So take the job, manage the money well, give of yourself, learn something new, and keep on networking.  Congratulations on the new opportunity.

2 Responses to “Is your focus lost or merely mislaid?”

  1. Eileen Says:

    I agree life is too short to pursue the obvious! thanks Anne

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