Don’t only hear the obvious!

Shun focus groups.  This is a trait ascribed to Steve Jobs, recently departing CEO of Apple.  Leander Kahney writes in Newsweek that Jobs would take a new product prototype home and use it for months before continuing production.  This must have heavily weighted his decision.

Talk about trust in yourself!  With vast resources at stake, would you trust your own reaction to a new product before giving the go-ahead to production?

A confident person would.

So what about the job search?

The tests you’ve taken say something.  Feedback from counselors says something.  Articles about occupational outlook say something.  So that should add up to wisdom, right?  Then there’s that pesky matter of your own heart.  A whiny, insistent little voice keeps saying, “but I want…..”

As one of those career counselors who gives feedback on assessments, I want you to listen to conventional wisdom.  I want you to explore the Bureau of Labor Statistics for job outlooks.  But most of all, I want you to listen to yourself.

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