The 10 Commandments of Steve: Carrot before Stick

Enthusiasm is contagious.  It’s also highly attractive.  According to Leander Kahney in Newsweek, Steve Jobs must have observed that people want to be on a team with a charismatic leader.

Job hunters, might this work for you?

There’s much discussion these days about whether an unemployed person suffers discrimination just for being unemployed.  Isn’t that stupid? Who would be better motivated to say “yes” to a job offer, to be able to start as soon as possible?

Maybe the stereotype of the unemployed person is that of being depressed, discouraged, and in general, a malcontent. Not charismatic.

Please help debunk that myth.  Summon your charisma, remember that you have something wonderful to offer, remind potential employers of a success or two, and expect to be taken seriously.

Be the kind of person they want on their team.  Carrot, not stick, please. That’s what winners respond to.

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