Your job search: practice, practice, practice

As my readers know, I’ve been exploring a wonderful article in a recent section of Newsweek called The 10 Commandments of Steve, by Leander Kahney. I’ve been wondering if the traits of a legendery CEO could parallel the traits of a successful job seeker.

We come to the tenth commandment in the article:  Prototype to the extreme.

Evidently, he tested everything, including not only products but the layout of Apple retail stores themselves.

And your job search?  What can you move from prototype to production?

There are obvious products:

  • your resume.  Draft, edit, consult others, re-do, consult others, etc.
  • your LinkedIn profile (process as above),
  • your portfolio (work samples, thank you letters, performance evaluations, etc.),
  • your online reputation (what happens when someone does a search on your name? You need to know this.).
All these products can be polished and made more usable.  Try it.  Test it.  Tweak it.
We have come to the end of exploring the Ten Commandments of Steve.  My deep gratitude is offered to Newsweek and to Leander Kahney, the wonderfully creative writer who developed this idea.

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