2012: What’s a Career Counselor to Do?

Happy New Year to you.  Are you taking stock, making plans, setting goals?  This year, I’m skipping that usual stuff about losing 10 pounds, de-cluttering the basement, putting more time in the garden.  Maybe those things will happen, maybe not.

I’m excited to share the following plans with you, and ask your help in holding me to them:

  • Create more book reviews of works that may be useful to career changers/seekers,
  • Write more blog postings focusing on the good news of the economic recovery, including success stories,
  • Make presentations on how to get and how to leave jobs,
  • Assist my clients in establishing more effective networks of their own.
  • Continue to accept new clients into my practice until April 1, after which time I will only make appointments with existing clients.

About that last point; the time has come to wind down my private practice.  I will not stop working with the wonderful people I already have or that I may meet during the first quarter of 2012.  This is a  difficult decision, because I love being part of people’s stories and walking with them on their journeys for a brief time.  And it will be hard to say no.

If you have thoughts on successfully transitioning into retirement, I’d love to hear them.


4 Responses to “2012: What’s a Career Counselor to Do?”

  1. Amy Headley Says:

    I’m so happy you found your calling in this job. So few people do. Who knows, maybe there’s a poetry site that is looking fir a feature poet, just like me. Anything is possible. Congratulations! Love, me

    • anneheadley Says:

      Yes, Amy, I am lucky in having found my vocation. As you know, I stumbled around through other work for years. And then I backed up, started over with volunteer work, and over time found my place. It can happen. You’ll find it too, if you keep exploring, keep doing something. Each step can take you closer…

  2. Ricardo Figueroa Says:

    Anne, you’re a networker, and a do’er and you balance it well with being a great counselor on very pragmatic hard-skills (and soft skills) I am lucky that I found you and that we connected when I graduated from college. We all ultimately have to make decisions that benefit us, because at the end of the day, one has to look out for number 1. I wish you well in what ever decision you take.

    • anneheadley Says:

      Ricardo, thanks for writing! I appreciate the kind words and good wishes. It is really hard to close the door on new clients because there are so many great people I’ve yet to meet. But I do need to focus on just a few things…

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