A special birthday reflection

When your daughter has a birthday, it makes a mother stop to think.  Was it so many years ago that I first held this beautiful creature?  Does everyone feel she has the cutest, smartest, funniest kid?  (Maybe, maybe not, but I really did have two little wonders!)

Amy, I know this is a tough time, but those of us who have known you for (….) years are confident that you will come through the stormy times triumphantly, returning to your gifts of teaching, speaking, writing, and caring.

You’re in a career swamp right now and the compass is not within sight.

To you and to all mid-lifers who are stuck in the career doldrums, I wish you a great day.  May you all be secure in the knowledge that you are loved and valued.

2 Responses to “A special birthday reflection”

  1. Amy Headley Says:

    Sniff. I really needed that. Thanks Mom.

  2. anneheadley Says:

    You’re welcome. Sniff.

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