Help wanted!

Retirement- what is on your mind?

I’m soliciting ideas, thoughts, concerns, and stories about retirement – yours or anyone you know.  I’ve been invited to be a guest on The Career Clinic, a weekly show of interviews about careers – yours, mine, anyone else’s.  The show’s host, Maureen Anderson, has a dazzling ability to find interesting stories about people doing amazing things, mostly those doing exactly what they want to do and getting paid for it.  If you are not now a regular listener, you should think about it.

First stop – their website,  There you will find podcasts of previous shows, a schedule of upcoming speakers, and Maureen’s pithy and articulate blog, in which she shares thoughts while deliberately not taking up a lot of your time.

Now, about this retirement topic.  You’re invited to listen to the show from 5 to 6pm eastern time on Sunday, March 18th, at

But first, help me out.  Here’s the first question:  What worries you the most about retirement?

Please add a comment below, or get in touch with me for a longer conversation (


2 Responses to “Help wanted!”

  1. Amy Says:

    How do I become more savvy about specific retirement information? I’m lucky enough to have a mother who understands and can explain the basics of retirement and my statements. do I remember what she told me 2 days later? sadly no. do I know what I should be doing as I get closer to retirement? not a chance. if it wasn’t for my mother I would be completely lost. I’m sure there’s a book like retirement for dummies. and most of what suzie orman says I am able to understand. however it doesn’t apply to my situation.

  2. anneheadley Says:

    I think that your need to be more savvy about retirement funding is basic among most people. When the traditional pension evaporated for many workers, it’s not like what replaced it was explained. And I’m not sure if anything replaced it, except the need to be super-responsible for one’s money. Career counselors have learned to talk about portable careers, meaning you’ll take your skills with you throughout many changes in positions. We also need to remind our clients that we need to be our own financial managers, staying familiar with our savings every step of the way.

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