Retirement – writing the next chapter

  • What’s the plan?
  • What’s the daydream?
  • What’s on the bucket list?

However you look at it, there will come a time when you have choices to make about how you spend your time.  Golf, the grandkids, camping… that may work for you.  But for many, work in some form will continue.
Let’s grant that money will still be a concern and a need (see previous post).  But what about the rest?
Do you have a foreign language skill to dust off and update?
Is there a book in you?
How about a yard to landscape?
Or an immigrant community who needs an English teacher?
I have neighbors who retired from federal jobs and are still very active in their agency’s theater group.  You see them carrying props across the yard, coming and going at unpredictable hours.  Almost too busy to talk, but I see enough of them to know that they are happy being creative and hanging around with like-minded people.
What’s your story?  Your daydream or reality?  Feel free to post a comment.  And then please listen to The Career Clinic on Sunday, March 18, 5:00 p.m. eastern time, at for a chat between host Maureen Anderson and me on retirement options and opportunities.  Maybe your story will be part of the show!

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