Saluting International Women’s Day

Women, this is our day.  Since 1909, women have been invited to reflect on their lives, opportunities, and  limitations.  Early in the twentieth century, observation of this day began and then spread throughout much of the world.  In 1977, the United Nations declared March 8 UN Day for Women’s Rights.

I wish IWD were a bigger deal in this country.  I wish we all thought about our grandmothers, mothers, aunts, and teachers.

This year I plan to express gratitude that I’m part of a world that has offered me choices beyond the dreams of a generation (or two or three) ago. I can run my own business, write articles or a book, make presentations,  own property, pay taxes, write checks, and of course, vote, none of which should be taken for granted, ever.

Think about it.  Talk about it.  Be grateful. Talk to your daughters and other young women.  And work to make things even better, because there is still work to do.

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