Way to go, Insurance Company!

Have you had a fender-bender lately?  If so, let’s swap stories.

I’m at fault.  I drove into another patient’s car in the minuscule parking lot at the dentist’s office.  Cccrunch.  (Is there a more sickening sound?) I was going probably two miles per hour, backing out of my spot, and didn’t see the nice shiny silver car behind me.

The car owner, rescued from some kind of dental procedure, was very nice. Likewise the receptionist.   Then I went home and called my insurance company.  (Okay, it’s Allstate.)

Talk about nice!  Questions:  are you all right?  Was anyone hurt?  ( fine and no.)

When I was referred to an accident reporting number, yet another seriously polite and professional person took the information.  Not only was she totally pleasant, she informed me about the next steps.  I particularly like the part in which I don’t have to pay a deductible because of something called silver protection or platinum or something.  Anyway, it was good news.

Today, at the collision office, another friendly person provided an estimate and cut a check for repairs.  When I asked about what made people so darned nice at Allstate, he let me know that his two-month training was at least 50% on providing exemplary customer service.  He said their philosophy is to put people on pedestals – to provide the best service it is possible to provide.

Well!  They are succeeding, in my opinion.  They make this complication in my life hurt quite a bit less.  Yes, I pay.  But it seems that I’m getting something for the money, and that’s more than we consumers often get.

So here’s to Allstate.  Thank you for being so responsive.  Thank you for answering the phone within a ring or two.  Thank you for keeping me informed about your process. Thank you for modeling customer service as the foundation of doing business.

(I’m a long-term customer and I approve this message.)


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