Passion as career indicator

I’ve learned to ask clients what they care about.  What they really, really care about.

What would you make a speech about?

What influences your vote?

How would you change the world?

And everyone has an answer.  Education, kids, alternative medicine, the elderly, solar power – these are a few of the answers I’ve heard recently.  These passions just may be a clue in determining an exciting career or life design for you.

One such person was Rachel Carson, born May 27, 1907.  Trained as a biologist, she was an employee of the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries.  You have to wonder what that was like, in the era when women were secretaries.

Carson started documenting the damage done to the environment by synthetic pesticides and published her runaway best-seller, Silent Spring, in 1962.

I can remember reading the book as a college student and being horrified.  It was my first inkling that our individual actions had dire consequences for Mother Earth.  (How naive that sentence looks today!)

Anyway, Carson changed the world by raising our awareness.  DDT was banned and the Environmental Protection Agency was founded.

So this May 27, give a thought to Rachel Carson on her 105th birthday.  And then think about your pet passion and consider changing the world.

Happy Birthday, Ms. Carson.  And thank you.


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