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Another thing about ageing…

June 4, 2012

Hey, Grandmama, can you kick a soccer ball?  Want to see what a good goalie I am?

We were in the local park on a walk.  There was a goal.  There was an abandoned ball.  And there was a 14-year old, ready to polish up his reputation as a super goalie.  He patiently explained that all I would have to do is stand anywhere, near or far, and kick the ball.  And he would stop it.

Well, it has been a few decades for me.  But I was wearing sneakers, it was a beautiful, cool day, and why not?

I kicked a few balls.  True to form, he caught every single one, laughing exuberantly.Then I caught on.  Brainpower!

  • Hey, Josh,  do you hear that weird airplane noise?
  • There’s a fly circling near you.
  • What is that song about the Robot Chicken?
Three magic sentences – and three successful kicks for me.
It was my turn to laugh hysterically.  The kid couldn’t concentrate!  Of course, he did catch on, he realized what I was doing, and started focusing on ignoring me.  And he blocked every other kick.
We declared him the winner, but it was far from a total victory.
Moral:  The brain stays sharper than the kick for a long, long time.
Remember this, job hunters.  You still have cleverness within you.