What a little blackout can do…

Exactly five days without power… in July… in Washington, DC.

Yuck.  It’s a horrible experience, as millions of people know.

Within a ten-minute flash electrical storm, we lost so much – a fan, air conditioning, the dishwasher, laundry facilities, the coffee pot, the telephone, a computer, television, a hair dryer, refrigeration, … I could go on.

What did we gain?

  • gratitude for windows that open and for large shade trees (no comments, please, on how those large shade trees brought down power lines all over the place),
  • a reminder of how useful a front porch can be.  You can catch up with neighbors while listening (and listening and listening) for those utility trucks that didn’t seem to come until today,
  • enjoyment of a breeze.  A breeze!
  • conversations with neighbors, unlike the usual hi-nice-to-see-you remarks,
  • patience for washing dishes and clothes by hand,
  • the joy of swimming in a beautiful pool, followed by an exquisitely cold can of soda from a vending machine that actually works,
  • the coolness of a movie theater, compounded by seeing an excellent movie (Moonrise Kingdom!).

Now it’s time to play catch-up.  Numerous appointments to be rescheduled, a blog to tend to, clocks to reset, friends to check on.

How is your July going?


4 Responses to “What a little blackout can do…”

  1. singlecatlady Says:

    I agree completely. These weather situations will absolutely bring communities together. During Snowmageddon all the neighbors in my court came together to help shovel out cars in the parking lot. 2 nights ago 1 of our neighbors had a barbeque in her backyard so people could grill their perishables.
    And the pool is well worth the fees when your body is that overheated. And hey maybe our electric bills will significantly decrease…maybe a little?

    • anneheadley Says:

      I agree, except for that part about the electric bills coming down. I doubt we will see that. Hope you are okay by now, and thanks for writing.

  2. Maureen Anderson Says:

    I fancy myself as someone who doesn’t have to lose what she has to appreciate it. But we are now more thankful than ever for electricity, Anne!

    • anneheadley Says:

      Hi, Maureen. It has now been 14 days since the storm that brought us down… I still don’t have tv, just got phone and internet last night. I think it will take days to answer emails, but I’m so grateful to see names of my friends out there! Thanks for writing.

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