Decision Time

The pile of case folders mounts up on my desk.  The email program looks at me reproachfully.  My phone blinks with message alerts daily.

Business is booming, sad to say.  For several years, people have said, “Wow, you must be busy” upon hearing that I’m a career counselor.  And I nod.

This summer it has hit me.  I don’t want to be so busy that I can’t do justice to my clients.  And I’m approaching that point.

So I’ve made a decision.  No new clients.

There – it has been said.  And it feels really sad.  I love stories.  I love hearing the saga of a new client.  I love feeling part of someone’s life for a little while.  I love using my detective skills to figure out what this person has not considered, what he left unresolved, what she did not follow up on.

If you are already my client, of course we will continue our work together. No question about that.

It takes stamina to do this work, and I need to conserve mine.  So please understand that you will have to continue your search for career assistance.

May I suggest that you start with your nearest community college career center?  Or the local university?  My experience has been that there are talented folks, some in training, who are waiting for your call.

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