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Good news in Maryland

August 23, 2012

A friend who shall remain nameless attended a mandatory workshop for the unemployed, sponsored by the State of Maryland.  He was reluctant to go – it’s in an unknown location, on a time and date not of his choosing.

Well!  The report was glowing, and I’m delighted to share the good news on a state service.  The building was beautiful, very clean, and filled with resources for jobhunters, including free copy machines.  The workshop began promptly and was conducted professionally.  People were cordial and encouraging.  Handouts (primarily of websites that post job openings) appeared to be promising.

There was also a required interview to assess one’s actions in looking for work.  My friend reports that the interviewer was courteous and encouraging.  Not one’s worst fears at all.

My friend is still unemployed, but he does in fact feel a bit better about the situation.  I want to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues at the state level, who do their work with professionalism, tact, and optimism.  You more than meet our expectations.

How to …. turn temp into opportunity

August 5, 2012

I heard something very interesting the other day.  A client – let’s call him Chris – told me he is accepting a temp assignment for several months.  He’ll be doing what he might or might not like.  He has been stuck in tedium before, and this could be more of the same.

But wait!  Chris has had his eyes opened to a few peripheral possibilities.

This is a large company.  Maybe they have a department which he’s researching.  Maybe he can meet some key people.  And maybe – just maybe – his temp assignment won’t be awful.

I’m absolutely delighted for Chris.  He has a resolute attitude and an understanding that a temp job may be an audition for a permanent job offer.  Let’s hope!

Chris, keep us posted.