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What color is the NEW Parachute?

September 9, 2012

Following up on a suggestion by Richard Nelson Bolles on LinkedIn, I got hold of the 2013 version of What Color is your Parachute? the other day. First time on my Kindle.  He claims that this is a thorough re-write, not merely an update, and I was a bit skeptical.

Well, the man ought to know.  There are several major shifts along with the beloved basic material we’ve all used for the past 40 or so years.

The biggest surprise to me popped up early in the book.

We are no longer being urged to identify, develop and pursue our vocational dream, but rather DREAMS (plural).

Dr. Bolles has incorporated the well-accepted fact that we will all have at least three to five major career changes in a lifetime into a new way of career search.  He urges flexibility, and here is how I interpret his point:

  • Do you have several interests?  If so, get more information on all of them.
  • Is it possible for your resume to reflect several interests at once?  Hmm, I think you may need an equal number of resumes
  • Do you have separate networks for each of your interests?  You’re going to be busy developing these relationships in order to find out about opportunities.
  • Are you currently looking for a job?  Well, here’s the good news; you’ll come across more opportunities, and you’ll find them sooner.

Yes, this is seriously different from what career counseling has advocated.  But I’m excited to explore multiple options in the name of flexibility.

Next:  what else is new in Parachute?

There’s something about September

September 4, 2012

…. that makes me want to wish you a Happy New Year.  It’s a remnant of that old, ingrained school schedule, I guess.  But I’m somewhat out of step with news coverage.

Listening to the news reporters last night, I heard the same cautionary tales that you did – with the requisite groaning,

  • Everyone’s back in school,
  • Everyone’s back to work,
  • Vacation’s over.
  • Let’s call it Terrible Traffic Tuesday.

So why are we groaning?  Think about it – your children are healthy enough to be in school, most people have jobs, and evidently a whole lot of you had a vacation.

I think all those people in the cars that clog the highways have blessings to contemplate.  Here are some things to think about:

  • Having somewhere to go,
  • Being sometimes excited by their work.
  • Or being excited about what they might be doing next year instead.

The unemployed, the underemployed, the lonely ones would be happy to be in your traffic jam.

Ease up, you reporters.