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Career Counseling – or what?

November 1, 2012

I’ve been away on vacation, and to get back into bloglife, I’d like to share a picture:  I think its caption is Career Counseling, Brighton, UK:  

True picture.  I saw this wagon parked on the pier at the famous Victorian-era Brighton Pier, in the south of England.  Was I tempted?  Heck yes, and I”m really regretting not buying a session with Ivor.  The cost was 20 pounds ($32).  And I chickened out.  I could have learned about my career, love, happiness and luck, and I balked at 20 measly pounds?

I now understand why people hesitate to call a career specialist.  It’s a lot of money!  How do I know if this is on the level?

And so I didn’t do it.  I didn’t walk up the steps into this caravan and hand over money to this unknown, shadowy figure I could see moving about it.

I think I’ll regret it for a long time.  Would have made for some wonderful blog items.  And I might have learned what the future holds for me.

Has anyone out there visited with Ivor?