Kid Wisdom

I’ve long observed that when you ask a six-year-old what she wants to do when she grows up, she knows an answer – or two or three.

One of my children wanted to be a writer.  And she’s a wonderful writer to this day.

The other one wanted to be a veterinarian or a pediatrician who sews her children’s clothing.  Not quite what she does today, being more entrenched in workplace safety and safety supplies.

But it strikes me that people who are stuck in their career dilemmas should think about it from the viewpoint of a kid.  Maybe it was easier then.

I think of a client whose young child said, “Mommy, you ought to do what makes you happy.  Like writing in that book.”  And that book turned out to be her journal.  And yes, I think Mom is pursuing a job that focuses more on creative writing, less on churning out proposals.

A colleague, Maureen Anderson, has posted a few recent stories about kids and their insights.  Check them out ( and then find your inspiration in what you used to think or what your kids are telling you.

Anyone care to join the conversation about how easy it used to be?


2 Responses to “Kid Wisdom”

  1. Maureen Anderson Says:

    Thanks for the nod, Anne!

    Happy Holidays!

    • anneheadley Says:

      And to you. I think we share the belief that it is not all about kids being cute, it’s about the obvious truths that they observe and comment on. Part of career work is as simple as reconnecting with those wise kids we all used to be.

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