Seasonal – nice work if you can get it…

How many times do unemployed people hear that at least they can pick up work at the department store because it is the holiday rush?  And what happens when they try?

I know what often happens.  And I don’t know why.

What happens is that they don’t get the job.

  • you don’t fit the profile,
  • sorry, we already have a list of qualified applicants,
  • you’re overqualified.

Why?  I was reminded today that seasonal hires are often considered for permanent employment during the next year.  And if this never was your career goal, you truly wouldn’t be an appropriate candidate.  Your resume doesn’t support this goal, your references are not prepared to talk about retail, your wardrobe and demeanor are not quite on target.

But I’m guessing.  Have any readers been successful at being hired for seasonal work lately?  If so, please share!  What was the interview process like?  How open were you about your aspirations?  And how did the job work out?


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