What did you do during the Recession, Daddy?

or Mommy, of course.

Recognize this question?  It was a solid theme of twentieth-century USA journalism.  How would you explain what you did during the …….. War?  Fight, supply, sacrifice, protest?

Which brings us to the dawn of 2013.  Wars are still being fought, but the draft keeps many folks from being confronted with that question.  (And that’s a topic for another blog.)

But for those who have been unemployed for six months or longer,  how will you answer the question?

I keep hearing of prejudice against hiring long-term unemployed.  Maybe because employers fear:

  • they are looking for something better,
  • they are depressed and demoralized,
  • there must be a reason they have been rejected by others.

So – what did you do during your period of unemployment?

I brushed up on my spoken Spanish.

I renewed my notary license and volunteered my services at the library.

I worked at the church food bank.

Be ready.  This question will come up.  Look energetic.  Be grateful for the opportunity to have caught your breath and gained a new focus. Anyone who cares to share a dynamite answer to this question, please post!

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