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School Messages that Endure

February 18, 2013

What are kids learning in school?  I’m not referring to the obvious subject matter in their classes, but rather the philosophy of education practiced in that setting.  If you ask them, they may mutter not much, but I have new proof that the deeper messages simmer and then emerge.

Here’s a story by Baltimore realtor Rachel Rosen Rabinowitz on her blog.  I’ve known Rachel since she was a really sweet, bright little girl living across the street.  She and my children attended the same elementary and middle schools.

Hyattsville Middle School had a dedicated and high-minded principal, Dr. Joseph Lupo, who played classical music stations in the halls between classes and had a motto about “The Pursuit of Excellence”.  Would you think this message would resonate with early teens?  Hmmm.

Rachel has just written about that message, all these years later.  I urge you to read it ( and then give the kids in your life some credit for – just maybe – taking it all in.

Rachel, thanks for the memories and the inspiration.  Dr. Lupo, well done!

Great news!

February 13, 2013

Someone I know just started a new job.  He has been looking for over a year.  And he is smiling broadly.

What the job isn’t:

  • full-time,
  • very well paying,
  • one that includes benefits,
  • exactly what he was looking for.

What the job is:

  • one that pays!
  • has an acceptable schedule,
  • is staffed with friendly and welcoming co-workers,
  • near home,
  • a place to get re-acclimated to work,
  • a matter of pride.

My friend is smiling, standing a bit taller, and infinitely relieved.  Gratitude abounds.

I send congratulations, and share the joy that the past year is passed.  May its like never return.

Onward and upward.  Meanwhile, enjoy!  And may this happen soon to every single job hunter out there.  Keep plugging, listen to your friends and neighbors, and have faith.

An Unexpected Gift

February 1, 2013

Yesterday, I received something so surprising, so delightful, that I have been smiling ever since.

A client from a few years back (4 years? 5 years?) wrote to touch base.  Wanted to let me know what is happening with her and to inquire how I am.

Well, I’m fine, thank you.  As I have shared before, this is a year of moving into retirement / refocus.  I’m concentrating on the clients I already have and on a renewed focus on several writing projects.

But way more interesting is how she, the former client, is faring.  And the answer is – great!  I remember her so well.  A young graduate in a branch of performing arts, stuck between part-time work and that huge question of should I give it up and get a steady job?  

As I recall, she embarked on a program of simply touching base with the good people of her academic world and letting them know she was in the area.  And it worked.

A former teacher, now located in a new university, let her know that there was an administrative job available in an arts department.  Which she applied for.  And she got.  Etc.

Fast forward in time: she is completing a Master’s degree, still works at the university, still delighted to be working in her creative field in any capacity at all.  Her personal life has also blossomed.

If you are reading this and grumbling that some people have all the luck, I beg to differ.  She has worked at it.  Stayed in touch, accepted work that was not 100% what she wanted to do, remembered to say thank you to all along the way.

Barbara, you’ll go far.  Keep doing what you are doing.  Keep in touch.