Great news!

Someone I know just started a new job.  He has been looking for over a year.  And he is smiling broadly.

What the job isn’t:

  • full-time,
  • very well paying,
  • one that includes benefits,
  • exactly what he was looking for.

What the job is:

  • one that pays!
  • has an acceptable schedule,
  • is staffed with friendly and welcoming co-workers,
  • near home,
  • a place to get re-acclimated to work,
  • a matter of pride.

My friend is smiling, standing a bit taller, and infinitely relieved.  Gratitude abounds.

I send congratulations, and share the joy that the past year is passed.  May its like never return.

Onward and upward.  Meanwhile, enjoy!  And may this happen soon to every single job hunter out there.  Keep plugging, listen to your friends and neighbors, and have faith.


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