School Messages that Endure

What are kids learning in school?  I’m not referring to the obvious subject matter in their classes, but rather the philosophy of education practiced in that setting.  If you ask them, they may mutter not much, but I have new proof that the deeper messages simmer and then emerge.

Here’s a story by Baltimore realtor Rachel Rosen Rabinowitz on her blog.  I’ve known Rachel since she was a really sweet, bright little girl living across the street.  She and my children attended the same elementary and middle schools.

Hyattsville Middle School had a dedicated and high-minded principal, Dr. Joseph Lupo, who played classical music stations in the halls between classes and had a motto about “The Pursuit of Excellence”.  Would you think this message would resonate with early teens?  Hmmm.

Rachel has just written about that message, all these years later.  I urge you to read it ( and then give the kids in your life some credit for – just maybe – taking it all in.

Rachel, thanks for the memories and the inspiration.  Dr. Lupo, well done!

2 Responses to “School Messages that Endure”

  1. Joanne Says:

    I loved her statement: “If you aren’t engaged in the pursuit of excellence in your daily life, you’re missing the best opportunity for self-fulfillment. The challenge is to seek it out, even in the most mundane situations.”
    Excellence isn’t just about reaching for the heights, it is also about living day to day and being the best we can in each moment!
    Thanks Anne and Rachel 🙂

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