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Workplace Courage

April 19, 2013

Like many Americans, I’m riveted to the television coverage of the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings.  As I watch law enforcement individuals headed toward targeted sites in the Boston area, I note that they have that unmistakable bulgy look of people who are wearing bulletproof vests.

And then there are firefighters in West, Texas, battling a mighty explosion of a fertilizer factory.

What kind of courage does it take to proceed toward a building that probably contains a suspect with nothing to lose?  Will they face a rain of bullets or a mighty explosion?  And in the face of this terrifying question, what propels the individuals to move forward?  I really don’t know, and I wonder.

What courage does it take to run toward a fire, knowing this might be the toughest blaze you’ll ever face?

These individuals set an example of bravery for the rest of us.  How does this impact me?

Well, I’m not faced with approaching a burning building or a determined terrorist.  But I do face people who may be unrealistic, who are their own worst enemies, who don’t take necessary steps today, but would rather wait for another day.

I don’t need a bulletproof vest or firefighter gear, but I do need courage.  I can remember to say – Wait, that doesn’t make sense You can do better. I can learn from the bravery being displayed at this very moment.

What kind of courage will you need on your job today?  Is it harder than what law enforcement is doing in Boston?  Harder than firefighters in West, Texas?