The Birth of a Book

It’s not royalty, it’s not going to be King of England one day, but I, too, have given birth this week.  My bouncing baby ebook, Reflections on Resumes: Taking a Second Look, has been published and is available in the amazon kindle store, on the ebook store at, and via my website.

As the title suggests, the thoughts expressed therein are inspired by interactions with clients and students over many years.  A few truths about resumes hold constant with time, but many do not.  If you know someone who is (or should be) job-hunting, this small book might be helpful.  I have blogged on this and similar career topics for over five years now, and I’ve learned how to discuss the questions most people have when compiling a resume.  I hope I have written in a conversational, concise style, and I can’t wait to hear from readers.


4 Responses to “The Birth of a Book”

  1. Joanne Says:

    I just bought the book. Thanks Anne! It is very timely as I need to redo my resume for a new career direction. I referred it to others who need it too!

  2. Maureen Anderson Says:

    Congratulations again, Anne! You did it, and we’re proud of you.


    The Andersons

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