Shutdown Strategies…Keep Your Network Alive!

I am Ann Poritzky — guest blogger.  I am a close friend of Anne’s and a furloughed government employee. 

Whether you are working or searching, here are some suggestions for dealing with the Shutdown and keeping your network alive. 

  • Write to your elected officials in Washington, DC. (Some of their staff members are furloughed so the member of Congress or Senate might actually see what you wrote.)
  • Post information on business-oriented social networks, like LinkedIn. While many furloughed government folks are not allowed to check their government email addresses, they may be monitoring LinkedIn or other social media networks. 
  • Visit websites and of organizations that interest you. Government sites with furloughed web teams are not staying up to date, but most of the site’s information is still available. Private sector and nonprofit organizations’ sites are up and running so if you have time, visit them. 
  • Meet for coffee, lunch or a walk with current or prospective members of your network. Some folks may be more available during the shutdown, but watching their $ more carefully.

If you have suggestions for keeping your network alive during the Shutdown, please send them along by commenting on this post.

Ann P. 



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