Coming soon to a school or computer screen near you…

Did you know that Dec. 9 – 16 is National Computer Science Education week?  I didn’t, either.

And how would one celebrate?

Great question!  This year there is an answer, geared to everyone aged 6 to 106, according to the promo.

There is a free program called Hour of Code, available anytime during that week.  It was designed for all schools, all age levels, all interest levels.  When you learn that it is sponsored by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, LinkedIn, etc etc, and oh yes, the Boys and Girls Clubs, you might keep reading.  This program promises to provide not only an introduction to computer science but also a motivational presentation featuring Angry Birds and other familiar faces.  The future of jobs featuring programming continues to be bright, and I think the time is right to catch the attention of young people.

Read on.  Go to to learn more.

This is important.  Make sure that your children’s teachers, scout troups, aftercare, sports programs, maybe even Sunday Schools, are planning to be involved.  It’s free.  It’s going to be talked about.

More later…


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