Career Advice from Animal Farm

My grandson just finished reading George Orwell’s Animal Farm in his English class.  We had some discussions about it, and we decided there are a few messages in it for a young person entering the world of work;

Don’t think that hard work and strength alone will pay off.  Boxer the horse longed for the glorious retirement all animals had been promised. His two mottos were “Comrade Napoleon is always right” and “I will work harder.”  Way too trusting, he ended up in a van headed for the glue factory despite all those promises.

Common sense alone is not enough.  Don’t be afraid to speak up when something seems wrong.  You will need allies.  Benjamin the donkey was the only one who remembered the original goals of the Revolution and the original 7 commandments, but he had no support among the other animals.

Look out for leaders who don’t lend a hand, like the pigs.  They were smart, but always seemed to be planning rather than working.

Beware of the visionaries who make promises that cannot possibly come true, such as Moses the Raven. He described a paradise with sugar for all, but only after death.

Wouldn’t you like to have known these things before you started work?


2 Responses to “Career Advice from Animal Farm”

  1. singlecatlady Says:

    What insightful truths accessiblble only with an unjaded mind.

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