Quitting by text – you be the judge

I was shocked to hear that there is now an app that helps you quit your job via text.  Available on the site of The Ladders, a highly respectable job search site, it evidently helps you identify your reasons for leaving, then helps you craft an appropriate message and send it to you boss.

I haven’t actually seen this app.  But I have REALLY strong feelings about it.

First, the very few reasons why this is an acceptable idea:

  • Personal emergencies,
  • Something unethical or illegal is happening in the workplace,
  • You were hired by text, you accepted by text, and that’s the way your workplace communicates,
  • It’s home-based employment and your workplace is centered far away.

And if any of these are true, please follow up that very day with a polite, more extensive real letter (or at least email) that is the equivalent in quality of the cover letter you once sent to get this job.

Now, why this is a bad idea for most of us:

  • It looks petty,
  • It gives a hostile feel, which may or may not be what you want to convey,
  • The app is described as humorous;  what if someone doesn’t get the humor?

Humorous? I don’t see what’s funny. I’m old-fashioned enough to think that courtesy and professionalism should rule any transaction at work.

Unless it is an emergency, please don’t do this.  I’d love a story or two on this – have you seen it?  Have you done it?  Is it in fact funny?

The shock of the text will live long after your departure.  Is this how you want to shape your legacy?


2 Responses to “Quitting by text – you be the judge”

  1. RKH Says:

    This makes good sense. An e-mail resignation seems just plain lazy and petty to me.

    • anneheadley Says:

      It seems that way to me, too. I realize there are always special circumstances, but that’s not what this app seems to address. Think of how you’d be remembered in that workplace for an action like this!

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