Your 2014 Goals – continuing to explore

Attainable?  Varied?  Can these traits coexist in pursuit of a goal?

I think so.  Is it within your grasp, meaning is it attainable?  I hope so, or it would be a silly goal.  Maybe you need to improve your skills or sharpen your focus, but you can achieve it, right?  Because that is how you know you want it…

Varied is easier to describe.  I’ve heard clients say that the routine of the job is the worst thing about it.  It’s killing them, slowly and tediously.  Yawn.

I know there are those for whom routine is a comfortable and secure routine, kind of like the things that happen between sunrise and sunset.

But that’s not everyone.  Some of us crave newness, adventure, surprises, and to put it simply, variety.  I think you should have it.  This may mean a new job, a new turn in your career path, or (at least) a frank talk with your boss.

Make it happen in 2014.  Attain it, keep it fresh and new.  And tell me about it.

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