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Other Duties As Assigned…what would you do?

March 23, 2014

How far would you go to fill a need on your job?  What if you were asked to do something …. really bizarre?  Read on:

I know a woman, a federal employee, whose job is pretty structured – she’s on a small team that deals with supplies going out into the field and coming back in.  Straightforward, you might say.

She is in a small office of a very large agency – so large that it has all kinds of volunteer happenings going on all the time in addition to work.  There are art shows, jewelry shows, a singing group, a fund-raising charity group, sports leagues, and so on.  When this woman used to have more free time, she sang with a group, which she enjoyed very much.  Now she puts her volunteer time into organizing and presenting fun, family-oriented activities.  The other day, on a week-end, she joined a team putting on a bowling tournament.  You won’t believe what happened.

This group begins each event with the singing of the National Anthem.  And the bowling alley where the event is held has always had a recording, which they willingly play.  So imagine the consternation when the bowling alley people admitted that they no longer have that recording.

One of the volunteers jokingly (she thought) told my friend that she would just have to sing it.  My friend laughed and walked away, only to hear a voice on the loud speaker saying, “Please  rise for the singing of the National Anthem” and they were holding out the microphone to her.

Other duties as assigned?  You bet.

She took a deep breath, remembered to start low, and started singing.  She expected others to join in, but they did not. She got through it and was surrounded for the rest of the morning with high fives, hugs, compliments and congratulations.

I think the group was  lucky to have this woman with a beautiful, strong voice and a willing heart.  I know she is set for life with an interview story about her dedication to her workplace.

What would you do?

A fresh look at Goals

March 7, 2014

This morning I was fortunate enough to see and hear the Dalai Lama, speaking at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC.  Through the wonders of the internet, I could sit at my desk and watch this great man speak via computer.  What emerged for me was this:

Whatever goal you pursue for your life, make sure that it leads to expanding peace and happiness for the world.

That’s my takeaway.  I hope I am doing the man justice by this summary.  Peace and happiness – wow.

I don’t know about expanding peace.  I haven’t a clue.  I vote, I contribute to charities who just might address the goal of peace. I hope and pray about peace.

Happiness: that might begin with treating people with respect, listening better, validating others’ opinions.  I can do this!

Thank you, your Holiness.  I’ll focus on peace and happiness as goals from now on.