Reunion musings, anticipation, thoughts…

I’m now about a month away from a trip back into time – to the 50th reunion of my college class.  And I’m questioning many things about this occasion.

To go?  Of course!

Will my friends be there?  Some will.

Will I recognize people?  I will if the nametags are printed in large letters.

Will I feel like an underachiever?  Yes, some of the time.  Other times, I can hold my own.  Or I can remind myself that it doesn’t matter any more.

Will I be surprised by the directions taken by others?  Undoubtedly.

Will anyone be surprised by me?  I don’t know.

If any reader out there has attended a 50th college reunion, I would love to hear from you.  Was it worth it?  General impressions?  Advice?

Meanwhile, Oberlin class of 1964, here I come!


4 Responses to “Reunion musings, anticipation, thoughts…”

  1. Nancy Abramson Says:

    I had a good time at my 50th reunion this year. Saw people I forgot about for years and got reacquainted. Missed some people who were not there and some who had passed away. Socialized with some people who I have seen many times after high school but not for 5the last 5 years. Great time to socialize and it went very quickly.

    • anneheadley Says:

      Hi, Nancy! Thanks for writing. Your experience is what I can hope for. I guess you get in the swing of things once you get there. I’ll post some responses after it is over.

  2. Susan Druding Says:

    We are organizing our 50th Reunion of Free Speech Movement Vets at UC Berkeley for this fall. Several days of reunions and teach-ins and more are planned. I’m sorry I’m missing the Oberlin Reunion!

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