The job of jobhunting (3) – what’s new?

I’ve been thinking about how a jobhunter can spend the day being effective and positive.  I’ve previously written about being conventional and academic, meaning doing obvious things like posting on job boards, responding to ads, and keeping up one’s skills and knowledge.

So what else is needed?

Creativity now comes into play – every single day.  I suspect that this part of the job search is the primary reason people seek career counseling.  Without it, you will get what you have always had, and you probably don’t want that.

Creativity means – following impulsive thoughts, paying attention to your dreams, reading something different, doing something really unusual in your community, acknowledging your intuition.  Here’s where you allow those scary thoughts about what you’ve always wanted to do.

Do you see the connection between what you seek professionally and random ideas?  Probably not, but – please trust me – a connection may come to you.

Here’s an example of the randomness (and effectiveness) of creative thinking:

Yesterday I listened to a story by a friend.  She goes to an exercise program for women, and there she heard a story about an acquaintance (age late 50s) who recently lost her job and was facing a long, difficult search.  The next day my friend heard another tale of woe from someone in a private school who needed to hire a new (……… – it doesn’t really matter).  Lightbulb flash!  Same field, two different stories, two workouts at the gym.  If my friend had not gone to work out that day, if those two acquaintances had not also gone to the gym … the magic would not have happened.

Yes!  My friend, a wonderful networker, connected the dots, put one person in touch with the other, and magic happened.  The job seeker went to the school, applied for the job, and was promptly hired.

Moral of the story:  Go where the people are.  Share your creativity.  Don’t confront anyone with your need, but rather share it.  Most of all, get out of the house, get out of the doldrums, and let creativity lead you into unexpected connections.

4 Responses to “The job of jobhunting (3) – what’s new?”

  1. karoltaylor Says:

    Reblogged this on Taylor_Your_Career and commented:
    If I were to nickname Anne Headley, I would call her the Queen of Creativity. When she speaks to this issue, it is well worth our time to listen.

    • Paul Roberts Abernathy Says:

      Anne’s creative counsel is, well, creative! I especially found and felt resonance within with her words, “Don’t confront anyone with your need, but rather share it” (for confrontation oft provokes defensiveness in the hearer and sharing is more likely to evoke compassionate listening). Wonderful words!

      • anneheadley Says:

        Paul, I appreciate this. I think when we identify someone as a talented networker, we may be referring as much to one’s communication style as to his or her connections.

    • anneheadley Says:

      Thank you, Karol. It’s an honored to be cited from your blog.

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