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A word about the upcoming elections

October 28, 2014

We are a week away from the 2014 mid-term elections, and whatever state you call home has political action in the air.  On TV, on radio, in the newspaper, and in your mailbox are messages urging you to vote for someone or other.

In my home state in Maryland, we are electing a governor and a full slate of local representatives.

Lies!  Deception!  Distortion!  Exaggeration! What’s a voter to do?

What I do is think carefully about issues that really matter to me and then dig for the truth.  It’s not quite as simple as voting a straight party line, but that is a start.

Here’s the important thing:  take a stand, then show up and vote.  I hate the thought that we are governed by people elected by a tiny number of voters.  The rest of you?  Please care about something enough to do an imperfect job of research, show up,  and vote.

See you at the polls.  Please.

Why are you in this job?

October 27, 2014

See this lovely young woman baking biscuits over a coal fire?  No, she is not a Vermeer figure come to life.  Her name is Rhianna and she is a historical reenacter at the Beamish Museum in Northumbria, UK.  I visited the Beamish recently.  Imagine – it’s a cold, windy, sometimes-rainy day, you step into Rhianna’s kingdom, you smell the warmth and scent of a coal fire along with fresh biscuits. And you get a friendly greeting.

We got into a conversation.  I asked if she is studying history or acting – just how did she get this job?  And what appealed to her?  (And yes, these are nosy questions, which I justified by saying that I’m a career counselor and am always on the lookout for a good story.)

Rhianna said she is very shy and sought a job that forced her to interact with people, so here she is, explaining about biscuits, flour, copper polishing, and coal fires. all day long.

Yes, she is less shy than she used to be.

Rhianna, congratulations on making such a courageous and productive choice!  I loved our chat and indeed, all of the nice people in Beamish, who explain life and work in different times.

Beamish 2