A word about the upcoming elections

We are a week away from the 2014 mid-term elections, and whatever state you call home has political action in the air.  On TV, on radio, in the newspaper, and in your mailbox are messages urging you to vote for someone or other.

In my home state in Maryland, we are electing a governor and a full slate of local representatives.

Lies!  Deception!  Distortion!  Exaggeration! What’s a voter to do?

What I do is think carefully about issues that really matter to me and then dig for the truth.  It’s not quite as simple as voting a straight party line, but that is a start.

Here’s the important thing:  take a stand, then show up and vote.  I hate the thought that we are governed by people elected by a tiny number of voters.  The rest of you?  Please care about something enough to do an imperfect job of research, show up,  and vote.

See you at the polls.  Please.


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