Thoughts from the chilly mid-atlantic

Will this month ever end?  Will the snow melt?  Are there crocuses under there, getting ready to do their thing?

Does the bleak midwinter remind you of your job?

If the analogy is valid, it might suggest that you are endlessly doing dull stuff, that you feel doomed to unfulfilling work, that your gifts are going unnoticed, and your own spring will never come.

Shake it off!  Make yourself available to the noonday sun.  If you are feeling lethargic, at least go through the motions of being interesting,  As the snow finally melts, er, when the economy continues to improve and expand, you’ll be ready.

What did you achieve in your current position?  

Be ready with a dynamic answer:

  • When I wasn’t selling, I was researching…
  • When I wasn’t with a patient, I was archiving…
  • When I wasn’t working on the website, I was finding opportunities to …

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